Funes Art Competition

For the annual Funes Digital Art competition I submitted the following 3 photos:

For this first photo I named the piece No Mud No Lotus. The reasoning and chosen aesthetic for this particular photo was to focus on the lotus itself and how it grows through mud. The light shined perfectly onto the flower and its highlights really attract the eyes to the flower. But to create this beautiful flower, it had to grow through mud which represents one’s hardships and obstacles. Then once in full bloom, you are introduced to a beautiful flower.


For this second piece, I named it A Walk Into Nature. Side by side is a mad made item and one created by our Earth. It reminds me of a dream-like state which is why I called it what I did, because I often day dream into scenes like this one. it reminds me as if it was taken off of the movie Alice in Wonderland.AWalkIntoNature_Mendoza_Allyssa.jpg

The last piece was something taken out of my comfort zone. I really love this one because it captures what my project is – taking stunning photos of places around San Diego. Now looking at this photo, you would have never guessed that this was taken in San Diego as it looks very mysterious and exotic!IntoTheCave_Mendoza_Allyssa.jpg


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