Elfin Forest Reflection

My experience at the Elfin Forest Reserve during this last class was quite the adventure. I had visited the area twice before but hadn’t really let my adventurous side come out until now. I climbed through rocks and trees to try and find new spots, and got very low and close to the river to get the perfect shot. I was sure to take my time with the photos and really assess the area aesthetically. The scenery itself was a very luscious green as moss overtook the water and with the recent rains it really brought out the green in the plants. Myself and a couple other students also ventured up the hike way giving beautiful views of the area. But what really caught my attention was the lecture from Professor Small as she explained all the local plant types in the area. I was amazed to learn so much about plants that I thought were just trees or bushes. There is much more of a use for the plants, for example my favorite was the one you could create with lemonade, who knew you could just touch the seed and it was sticky and smelled like lemons! Such a wonderful experience and it makes me want to learn more about plants.


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