04262017 // WATERMARK

To have watched this movie for the first time and not knowing really what the intent or movie was about, I was a bit confused by the amount of silence in the movie. But not until mid-film did I realize the real importance of the long landscape shots. I felt at first that the movie was all over the place, as scenes would jump to different parts of the world, not much being said besides a couple sentences from the subject of the shots. Then it came to me, of course, water. The importance and necessity of water is not just for entertainment as we saw at the water show in Las Vegas, but is used for so many different things around the world. People’s lives and jobs and basic standards of living are based on water. From catching clams to making leather, water is something that is used too much and is reaching a point where it will be very scarce. And this is the acts of humans. Some things are made for consumer use — i.e. the leather, something that is not needed but is done out of desire. Misuse of water in circumstances as much mentioned can lead to a world without water. The scenes were so compelling and amazing that it really did make an impact on how I saw the mark we humans make on water.


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