04262017 // Wasteland

In Vik Muniz’s film, Wasteland, he travels all the way to Brazil where the largest landfill resides – Jardim Gramacho. Making relationships with the pickers, he witnesses the type of hard labor work they go through daily in order to survive. Using the materials (garbage) the workers are using, he makes portraits of them in hopes to change lives. A combination of art and a social project, the result really puts into perspective these lives of the pickers and how much they really depend on Jardim Gramacho as their source of income, as their life. Dedicating countless hours to sorting out recyclables to sell in exchange for a small amount of money is really conveyed in Muniz’s work as he captures their hardships within his art work. This movie really inspires me to recycle more and be more mindful of the amount of trash I throw away.


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