The Adventurist//Project Proposal


In this project I will document beautiful areas in Southern California capturing their uniqueness with photography. The goal is to inspire audiences to keep these places as they see in the picture, flourishing and untouched.

This website will be available to all adventurers as a guide to wanderlust. As I say, “Explore for the spirit, discover for the soul”.

Vision statement (project proposal) link is located in the menu bar.

a. Describe the proposed project: What is the story that you want to tell through your photographs, the general theme/focus of your project.

-Inspire > Spread Awareness > Action for Environmental Conservation

b. Relevance of your project to your own life. Why have you chosen to your particular subject for your book project. How will you tell your story to make it compelling, memorable

-Love to go on adventures and be in nature

c. How do you plan to find other artists and/or environmentalists who might help inspire your project, conceptually, aesthetically, technically.

-Ansel Adams is my main inspiration, he inspired me to go full b&w

d. How might research enhance your project

-History and supporting research will help put reason behind my project

e. How will your project enhance your learning and growth.

-Enhance my knowledge in my own city/state and learn more about environmental conservation

g. VERY IMPORTANT: How will you disseminate your project: how will you promote your project once it is completed

-Social Media


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