WIP // Environmental Project

For my final project I would like to take inspiration from Ansel Adams in documenting beautiful places to remind the public as to why we should preserve these areas. There will be different subcategories to my project: abandoned/rundown (to research on the history of the places), replacements (from nature to city) and nature photography. My ideas came from the following 3 places…

  1. Abandoned Zoo in Los Angeles: This area had so much life and promise in educating and caring for the animals. Because of many obstacles it closed down. Now it is open for public exploring, a place that had potential was not given a second chance in business. Now nature is taking back over the area. Though it may be used as a picnic area, disrespectful people trash the area and cover it in graffiti.
  2. Waterfall behind Walmart in Oceanside: This beloved area home to the natives has been through many court cases in preserving the area. What was once beautiful tree landscape has now been burned down to make room for housing.
  3. Countless areas in San Diego: Beautiful untouched areas are my favorite places to visit. Pictures of these areas are a reminder for people to respect the earth.

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