Ansel Adams // Excerpts

In result of watching the biography of Ansel Adams, I find so much inspiration in his work. His love for both photograph and nature really reflect in his art and that to me is motivating. He documents what he loves with a purpose, with dedication and with love. Things I strive to have within my own art.

I was moved by a couple of quotes from him:

“Photography is perception.” — Hearing this is true. It is what you see in your eyes and what you try to translate into a single photo. A single memory and moment in time is documented and is essentially what you see through your artistic eye.

“You know it is a good work of art if you remember it afterwards.” — This really stuck to me because I am struggling in ways that I can improve my art and make my photography better; In a way that I can stand out amongst millions of talented artists. And to hear this quote really inspires me to get out there and shoot things that are worth seeing, that have a meaning and are really aesthetically pleasing.

His style is so inspiring. As I mentioned in my previous post, we correlate nature with colors and the challenge is to create depth in a black and white image at the same time create a focus onto the subject.

After one of Ansel Adams famous photographs were taken, he said a quote: “Chance of favor in the prepared mind”. He worked endless hours and one of the photos that really defined his fame was a picture of something he caught by chance. And that really stood out to me because no matter how manipulated a scene is, the trueness of your style, art, and passion shows through simply through the process. No matter how hard you work, the perfect moment always happens by chance. And I have to keep that in mind when I feel like I am not getting the desiredĀ results out of my photos.


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