MOPA // Ansel Adams

MOPA : Ansel Adams

When visiting MOPA, Ansel Adam’s pieces drew my interests in by the way he shot nature and landscape photography of Western National Parks. It intrigued me as to wonder why he chose to shoot in black and white than to express nature’s vibrancy through color. His work is incredible as we see the meaning of his photos behind the picture – to capture the moments of the amazing landscape environment and to preserve its beauty. My sense of photographic style mirrored closely to Ansel when I shoot urban or city photography. I too would desaturate my colors and increase the contrast for more depth. But I never thought to let the details within plants and landscapes shine through when desaturating the picture. Usually we see nature shots taken in color, but Ansel Adams took another approach which is what originally caught my attention. Playing off of his photos, I took a walk through Balboa Park and captured images with his style in mind. I shot in black and white and increased the shadows, blacks and decreased the whites (so they wouldn’t over power the image) and exposure. Doing this will bring out the details in my shot without it having look so one dimensional. It also creates a mystery within the photo, as does nature in reality. Beauty is captured in form and though many aspects of it can draw the viewer, the main focus is your subject and what message you are trying to convey. As Ansel worked in the darkroom I did the same in Lightroom to mimic his style and create a feel that is moving and inspiring to my audience. I would like to motivate my viewers to respect nature and the environment.

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