Edward Burtynsky // Manufactured Landscapes Green Education


Burtynsky’s photographic style focuses on environmental issues as a result of man’s impact. He questions sustainability as he travels around the world covering stories of construction and more incidences of humankind’s effect on nature. 2 pictures stood out to me the most while watching this Ted Talk. The first would be his initial showing of a patch of green grass growing amongst its decaying surroundings. It spoke out to me most because it just shows the effect of environmental issues and how nature naturally recovers itself. It gives me great sadness in my heart to see the negative effect we have on our planet, but hope is restored to see the way that nature thrives through all the obstacles. The second picture that attracted me was the piles of recyclable metals. Objects that were discarded and disregarded by humans were being put back into meaning because it would serve a purpose again. What makes Burtynsky’s photos strong is that there is a backstory to his pictures that is moving and we can see that in the aesthetics of his photo. I applaud his style because he choses a topic that is often hidden or unknown to the general public. He uses his arts to raise awareness about important issues that are crucial to our future.


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